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Woodnewton Spring MTB Championships – 2023

April 23, 2023

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Pre-registration is CLOSED – however we will have event day registration available Saturday 11 – 4pm and Sunday 7:30am – 12:00pm! Details at bottom of page!

It wouldn’t be a race season without an inaugural kick-off at Woodnewton! Typically the start of the Ontario Cup series, this legendary venue and race course is now a stand-alone race perfect to crown the fittest spring riders, or tune up the legs for the upcoming season! With Superfly stepping back from Ontario Cup racing after 24 years, we are excited to bring the same consistency to a few individual events – without the need for expensive licenses or over-the-top registration fees! We are still bringing an Expert division, and stratifying abilites so you can race head to head against your peers!

The 11 km course will max out all the goodness that Woodnewton has to offer, while offering some good spectating!


Superfly Racing is again happy to have Scott Bikes on board as the title sponsor of all Superfly events for 2023! Be sure to check out their amazing line of bikes and look for them on-site at Superfly Events! To check out their Canadian website, click HERE


Woodnewton is a rider favourite, and is always the first place to provide dry riding in the GTA!

This is the only opportunity for riders outside the Shredders program and the weekly series to ride the trails, riders love the ultra fast, flowy race specific trails at Woody! A mix of hand-built and machine built trails, along with some long sustained climbs, makes Woodnewton the perfect starting point for the series! Great spectating on trails such as Jalinelle’s Revenge and Holmes’ Hillybilly Hustle – not to mention the famous Rock Garden, also make it a very family and team-friendly venue!

Top is the longer loop, bottom shorter! Final maps will be ready by Thursday Pre-riding.

Download the final course map: Final Course map

Woodnewton Spring MTB Championships

Pre-riding Price:

($10, cash-only pre-ride fees apply)

Pre-riding Schedule:

Woodnewton will be marked and ready to ride for Thursday, April 20 starting at 4pm!

Thursday, April 20: 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Friday, April 21: 4:00 pm to 8:00pm

Saturday, April 22: 9:00am to 5:00pm (please don’t arrive super late)!

Camping at Woodnewton:

Camping is not permitted in the main area, however there are some on-site options up top at Erin’s home! email sean@superflyracing.com for details! The owner is kind enough not to charge, however a case of beer is never turned away…


Go to 4849 Concession Road #6, Uxbridge, ON

However, do not enter the driveway at the top of the hill, instead, please go to the bottom of the hill and look for the signs.

What do i NEED to race!

A good working bicycle with brakes!
An approved Helmet
A positive attitude, competitive spirit and a big smile at the start line!

The full 2023 Superfly Racing event season is self-insured, so there is no need for an expensive racing license. Simply sign up, and show up! Our insurance covers the promoter and venue, as a participant you sign a waiver and accept responsibility for your own actions. In Canada, we are all have health coverage under OHIP, and we should all be thankful for that!


Registration is open from 11am to 4pm Saturday, and 7:30am to 12:30am Sunday! Event day registration is available cash/cheque only – prices below!


Event day Schedule Sunday, April 23

9:00am Youth Races: (8km course)

8-10 yrs old Male, 8-10 yrs old Female, 11-12 Male, 11-12 Female, 13-14 Male, 13-14 Female, 15-16 Male, 15-16 Female All racers do 1 lap

Open Expert Male 9 – 16, Open Expert Female 9 – 16 (Expert categories do 2 laps = 16kms)

All categories are $30, expert categories are $36 plus tax and online fees

Event day Registration is available, at $45 for age categories, $50 Expert categories – cash or cheque only!

10:15 am Sport Races (intermediate): (11km course)

17-18 Junior Male, 17-18 Junior Female, 19-34 Male, 19-34 Female, 35-44 Male, 35-44 Female, 45-54 Male, 45-54 Female, 55- 64 Male, 55-64 Female, 65+ Male, 65+ Female

Junior Female, 55+ female 1 lap – all other categories, 2 laps*

All Sport Races are $48 plus taxes and online fees

Event day Registration is available at $65 cash/cheque only!

10:30am: Awards for 9:00am start

12:30 pm Expert Races

17-18 Junior Male, 17-18 Junior Female, 19-34 Male, 19-34 Female, 35-44 Male, 35-44 Female, 45-54 Male, 45-54 Female, 55- 64 Male, 55-64 Female, 65+ Male, 65+ Female

All Female Categories 2 laps, All Male categories 3 laps except Junior and 65+, 2 laps*

*Lap counts subject to change, depending how much complaining we get!

All Expert Races are $58 plus HST and online fees

Event Day registration is available for $75 cash/cheque only!

12:45pm: Awards for 10:15am Start

3:00pm: Awards for the 12:30pm Start

What is the difference in categories?

While the Youth start is split into ages with one Expert Category for both boys and girls, The Sport 10:15 (Sport) start is geared to beginner to intermediate riders, and the distance is a reflection of this. This is for first-time, or mid-level racers without the time to train, or that don’t take it quite as seriously.

The 12:30 pm Expert race is rather self explanatory – seasoned racers that have race experience and some time to train, this includes anyone that has raced Elite or Expert level categories in the past.

There is nothing preventing you from choosing any category you’d like – if you’re not super fast but want the distance, you are more than welcome to sign up for the 12:30pm (Expert) category!




Event Details

April 23, 2023
4849 Concession Road #6, Uxbridge


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